4 Ways to Keep the Hope of the Resurrection Alive during COVID-19

Kirstyn Mayden

Resurrection Sunday is a time where we celebrate the good news that Jesus rose from the dead. Despite enduring the bloody death and suffering on the cross, Jesus ascended to heaven. The resurrection of Christ represents hope, new life, and the reminder that there is purpose to our pain.

How do we continue to live out and have the hope that the resurrection represents beyond Easter Sunday? During this unique and uncertain time with COVID-19, we desperately seek and need the hope of the resurrection every day to strengthen and sustain us throughout the year.

Here are four ways that we can continue to keep the hope and new life of the resurrection alive with us in the coming days and weeks to come:

1. Be Grateful for the Gift of Life Each New Day

Each day that God allows us to wake up and experience the freshness of a new day, we should be grateful. We keep the hope of the resurrection alive by maximizing each day to the fullest and treating it as a gift. How will we use the gift of time and life of a new day to accomplish the purposes that God has for us?

Psalm 107:1 states “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” It is so easy to focus and lament on our trials and suffering. While suffering is part of life and we do want to acknowledge the pain that is present, God also wants us to continue to maintain a grateful heart. It is not always easy, but God assures us that He will never leave us (Joshua 1:9). 

Maintaining a grateful heart for the gift of life each new day will uplift our spirits, renew our minds, and change our perspective. While our lives are not perfect and come with various challenges, the good news is that we are still here. I invite you to continue to remain hopeful by giving thanks to God for the gift of each new day.

2. Share Personal Testimony to Inspire Hope within Others

We all have a powerful testimony of how God has kept, strengthened, and delivered us. To inspire hope and encouragement in others, it is important that we share our testimony with others as a source of strength and encouragement reminding us of God’s faithfulness (Mark 5:19). Sharing our personal testimonies reminds others who may be going through similar challenges that they are not alone.

During this current climate where we are practicing social distancing, it is imperative that we are creative in finding ways to stay connected and encouraged. When we share the good news of how God has kept us, it will serve as a source of hope in these unsettling times. We don’t want to keep our testimony silent because someone else is depending on the good news of Christ to keep moving forward.

Your personal testimony has a purpose and God wants you to share it as a source of strength and hope. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your testimony verbally, you can write it down, sing, draw, or dance through it. There are creative and diverse ways that you can share your testimony to inspire hope in the lives of others. Be bold and find the method that works best for you.

3. Use Your God-Given Gifts for a Purpose

God has given us all gifts to use to fulfill our God-given purposes. A way to keep the hope of the resurrection alive is by using our God-given gifts to bless others (1 Peter 4:10-11). Many people will benefit from the unique gifts that we willingly give and share. Today, I invite you to continue to use your God-given gifts and abilities to glorify God and inspire encouragement, hope, and strength in the lives of others.

If you are unsure about what your spiritual gifts are, or how to use them, I invite you to pray for wisdom. Take some time to think about what things you enjoy and are good at. What brings you joy when serving? Often the areas in which you excel and are excited about center on what your gifts are. Take some time to reflect and use your God-given gifts to inspire hope and purpose for yourself and others.

4. Read and Study God’s Word for Encouragement

It is essential that we continue to rely on God’s word by reading and studying it for encouragement. As we meditate and keep God’s word in front of us, it will help in overcoming negative and discouraging thoughts. Due to the overwhelming nature of this pandemic, the news is saturated with stories of grief and loss. It is easy to become discouraged or anxious, not knowing what the next day will bring. Reading and studying God’s word will keep us hopeful and encouraged during difficult times.

Scripture can also provide us an assurance and help to renew our minds with peace, comfort, and strength. The great news about God’s word is that it is always available and designed to keep us spiritually connected to God. Within our own strength and human frailty, we allow anxious thoughts to consume us, but God’s word can help us overcome anxiety and hopelessness.

Today, I invite you to carve out time each day to read and study God’s word for hope and strength. Find a Scripture verse that resonates with you and place it somewhere that you can see daily. In times where your mind begins to worry, meditate on the Scripture to help you move forward.

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is important that we continue to carry the hope of the resurrection by being grateful each new day for life, sharing our personal testimonies and using out God-given gifts for a distinct purpose. While it is not always easy to remain hopeful, it is important to continue to represent the hope of Christ to inspire, uplift and comfort others during difficult times.

The good news is that the hope of the resurrection represents rebirth, renewal, and hope that better days will come. Trials and tribulations won’t last forever. If you are going through a challenging season right now, I encourage you to lean on and gain strength from the hope of Christ’s resurrection. Christ died and rose so that we may have new life and walk in freedom.