In lieu of the annual Christmas party this year, we are planning a Secret Santa ornament exchange. 

1. Anyone interested in participating, please contact Kim Cutter or call the Church office (at 717-938-2093) by November 20th. Please provide your name, address, and phone number.

2. $10 limit. Feel free to purchase an ornament, share your creative side by hand making an ornament, or choose a favorite ornament from your collection.

3. Names will be drawn from a hat by Kim and distributed.

4. Wrap the ornament, making sure to place your name on the gift. 

5. Exchange should take place by December 20.  This can be done whatever way is easiest for you. For example, may be mailed or hand-delivered.  If you need assistance in the exchange, please contact Kim or the Church iffuce and we will be happy to help. 

Please join in spreading some holiday cheer and warm Christmas greetings.