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Vision and Mission of Lewisberry United Methodist Church

Lewisberry United Methodist Church is an age-diverse, passionate, Spirit-filled community of faith.  Our mission is to Gather, Grow, Give and Go to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  As the living body of Christ, we… 

Gather welcoming persons of all ages and backgrounds into a nurturing, caring, loving faith family to worship God.

Grow spiritually in our relationship with Jesus Christ and one another through study, prayer, worship, and service.


Give ourselves by using our gifts, time, & resources helping others through outreach and mission.


Go living as witnesses of the Good News by proclaiming God’s grace for the transformation of the world.  

The Vision of the Lewisberry Church is to be a Spirit-led, vibrant and vital center of faith in Lewisberry, PA.  Welcoming to all, growing spiritually, and helping others in our community and world, we share the grace and love of God.  Through lively music-filled worship, small groups, fellowship, service, and children and youth ministries, the Holy Spirit nurtures our growing faith family.  As we work together, we are a living testimony to the power of faith in Jesus Christ.