Building Use Policy



The buildings and facilities of Lewisberry United Methodist Church are provided for the use of the local congregation, for its activities of worship, fellowship and service. However, the buildings and facilities can be used by groups representing the wider concerns of the church, including meetings, groups associated with the church (Chartered Boy/Cub Scout groups, Sister United Methodist Churches and District/Conference Groups, CROP Walk or community programs that our church participates with).

At this time the church is not renting the social hall to outside organizations or non-members. When a church member requests use of the building, all dates and rooms must be approved and reserved, on the church calendar, by the church secretary. The church office phone number is (717) 938-2093.

All church groups and their meetings and activities will take precedence over any use by outside or affiliated groups. All other use of church facilities is on a “first come – first served” basis. However, the church secretary will try to resolve any scheduling conflicts by moving certain groups to other rooms, if capacity permits this.

Rooms 101 and 102 are to be used only for church related activities unless special permission is given by the pastor or trustee chair.

Definitions: Church groups and activities include any established church group or ad-hoc group of members. These include worship services, Sunday school classes, Bible study classes, administrative committee meetings and ad-hoc groups like the Womens’ Circle. Any new ministries, committees, or ad-hoc groups of the church are automatically included in this definition.

Affiliated groups are Boy Scout Troop 312 and Cub Scout Pack 284, which are chartered by the church, as well as approved Girl Scout troops. This would also include non-profit or charity groups the church approves (example: Red Cross for blood drive).

A member of the church is a person who has joined the church officially. A person who regularly attends Lewisberry United Methodist Church is known as a constituent. A non-member is a person who has not joined the church and does not regularly attend Lewisberry United Methodist Church.

General Policies:

1. Smoking is not permitted in the church buildings.

2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on any church property.

3. Church property used must be cleaned and arranged in proper order at the conclusion of any activity. Special attention should be paid to restrooms and kitchen facilities. All lights should be turned out. Heat or air conditioning should be reset to original levels by following instructions posted next to thermostats. All doors must be locked, except if other arrangements have been made.

4. Doors should not be left propped open, except for loading and unloading, in order to reduce energy costs.

5. It is the responsibility of the group using the facility to provide adequate controls to prevent use of sections of the church not reserved for the scheduled activity. Due to LUMC’s Safe Sanctuaries Policy, children associated with any group using the church are strictly prohibited from wandering into other areas of the church not being used for the scheduled activity. According to Safe Sanctuaries guidelines, no child under the age of 18 can be alone in any room of the church facility with a lone adult or several related adults. Therefore, any adult who enters the church for any reason, and enters a room where a child has wandered away from his or her group, causes an unintentional violation of this policy. This circumstance should be avoided for the protection of all involved.

6. Furnishings of the church property are not permitted to leave the church with one exception. Church members or affiliated groups may borrow church equipment such as tables, chairs and kitchen supplies but must have prior permission from a member of the board of trustees. * Please note the attached equipment use form which must be completed and given to a trustee or the church office. If any church equipment is returned in damaged condition, the borrower will be responsible for the repair or replacement of church equipment. Equipment such as tables and chairs cannot be loaned out, if they will be required by the church for use during the same period of time.

7. If kitchen facilities are being used, incidental use of kitchen supplies such as coffee, sugar, tin foil, etc., can be allowed by the trustee or designated supervisor, who must be present when kitchen facilities are used, as a convenience. However, the group using the kitchen is strongly encouraged to bring all their own supplies and a small donation is encouraged if church supplies are used.

8. Unless prior arrangements are made, any additional tables and chairs needed for an activity must be set up by the users of the facility. At the conclusion of the event, they should be stored in their proper place as they were found. Tables and chairs previously set up should be put back in there original place.

9. Gambling is not permitted on church property.

Building Use Fees:

Non-Refundable Reservation Fee: For members and constituents there is no fee required to reserve the social hall but a donation to defray the heating and cooling costs is suggested.

Refundable Security Deposit: For nonmembers using the church for a wedding, there is a separate refundable security deposit of $150. After the event, if no damage is incurred and things are left in order, the fee will be fully refunded.

Sanctuary: The sanctuary is for worship use and church group use for meetings, rehearsals, Bible studies, etc., and cannot be used by outside groups. All weddings and funerals are officiated by the pastor appointed to the church. Per the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church: paragraph 340,1c “The decision to perform the [wedding or funeral] ceremony shall be the right and responsibility of the pastor” and paragraph 341, 1and 4 “No pastor shall hold a religious service within the bounds of a pastoral charge other than the one to which appointed without the consent of the pastor in charge, or the District Superintendent”.

For members or constituents wanting to use the sanctuary for a wedding or funeral, there is no fee, but a donation is encouraged. For nonmembers with a service officiated by the appointed pastor, there is a fee of $150.

Fellowship Hall: For members or constituents, there is no fee but a donation is encouraged. For nonmembers using the church for a wedding reception, there is a fee of $50 for use of up to two rooms in the social hall. If the full social hall is required, there is an additional $50 fee. A five day advance notice is required for any group requiring partitions to be removed; this will be done by church personnel only. These fees apply to outside groups and special events but do not apply to affiliated groups who wish to use the facilities for regular meetings or events.

Kitchen Use: For members, constituents and affiliated groups, there is no fee but a donation is encouraged. For nonmembers using the kitchen for a wedding reception, the fee is $25. If the stove and/or dishwasher is required, and additional $25 will be charged. A trustee or designated church representative must be present, for any group, and a five day advance notice is required to schedule this.

* Please note the attached User Agreement Form which must be completed and given to the church office.

Checks are to be made payable to:

Lewisberry United Methodist Church

309 Market St.

Lewisberry, PA 17339

This document supersedes any previous building use policy of Lewisberry United Methodist Church.

Lewisberry United Methodist Church

Church Equipment Request Form

(Tables, Chairs, & Kitchen Supplies)

Name: ____________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________

Needed for: __________________________________________________________________________



Number of Tables: ___________________________ Number of Chairs: ________________________

Date to be picked up: ________________________ Date to be returned: _____________________

Updated 3/16/16


PURPOSE: This document is recommended to be used by churches of the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church which gives permission to use church property/facilities to non-church groups/individuals (User). The Conference insurance policy covers only certain activities under the control of the local church. Non-church groups/individuals using church facilities, even though permission has been given, do so with the understanding that loses or liabilities incurred by non-church groups/individuals are not covered by the local church.

This Agreement entered into this ________ day of ________ (month) of the year _________, by and between Lewisberry United Methodist Church of Lewisberry (LUMC), PA and ______________________ (User) of __________________________________ _____________________________(User address).

WHEREAS, UMC is the owner of the building located at 309 Market Street, Lewisberry, PA 17339.

WHEREAS, User desires to use such facilities on the terms and conditions set forth.

NOW, THEREFORE in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein and other good valuable consideration the parties hereto agree as follows:

  1. UMC shall make available to User (description of facilities): ___________________________


from ______________ to _____________. (dates)

  1. User agrees to indemnify and hold UMC harmless from any and all liability including attorney’s fees arising out of User’s use of the above premises or the building of which the facilities are a part of the parking facilities on or adjacent thereto (hereinafter “the facilities”).

  2. User understands that the responsibility to obtain liability and property insurance is upon the User. It is not the duty or responsibility of UMC to insure the User’s use of the facilities. It is recommended that the User obtain its own liability and property coverage for its use of the facilities.

  3. User agrees to abide by and obey all laws, ordinances, and regulations promulgated by any government unit having jurisdiction in UMC’s locale; User will not engage in any activities in violation of such laws; ordinances, rules and regulations.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the undersigned parties have executed the Agreement as of the day and year first above written.

Signed _______________________________ ______________________________

(UMC Representative) (User Representative)

___Lewisberry UMC____________________ ______________________________

(Name of Church) (Name of User)

__309 Market St., Lewisberry, PA 17339____ ______________________________

(Address) (Address)

938-2093 ____________ Telephone ______________________Telephone