Funeral Service Policy

Lewisberry United Methodist Church

Policy for Funerals

Because Jesus promised that He is the resurrection and the life, we who believe know that even though we die a physical death, we will have eternal life with God in Heaven. Funeral services give witness to the promise of our faith. They are designed to remind us that in the reality of death is the assurance of the resurrection.

Services comfort the bereaved while celebrating the life of a believer. It is our wish to help families through this difficult time. Caring for the family and friends of the deceased is the loving response of the church. The pastor and members of Lewisberry United Methodist Church consider it a privilege to be supportive during this time of loss and grief.


The appointed pastor of Lewisberry United Methodist Church will officiate the funeral service. No other pastor may officiate a funeral service in our church building. An ordained clergy who has a special relationship to the family may be invited to participate in the service by the pastor of Lewisberry Church. If the pastor is on vacation and the family cannot wait until his/her return, a United Methodist pastor may be asked to officiate the funeral service, however this is will be done at the funeral home or the church that pastor may be serving. This is at the invitation and discretion of the appointed pastor.


1) Organist: Lewisberry’s organist shall play for all funerals--exceptions must be approved by the organist and/or pastor. For music during a viewing and worship service there is a $75 fee. If a soloist is used during the service, the fee is $100. The family is responsible for the fees of the soloist and accompanist. Music must be appropriate to a Christian context and approved by the pastor.

2) Pastor: For members of the congregation, a fee is not assessed. An honorarium, however, is appropriate in recognition of the time for counseling and message preparation, especially from non-members.

3) Secretary: Funeral Bulletin and/or power point presentation or song may be provided for the service. If the secretary types and prints the bulletins a gift should be given, especially by non-members. Colored bulletin covers are at the expense of the family, otherwise plain paper will be used.

4) Sound/Projection Technician: For members, there is no fee required. However, a gift is suggested, especially from non-members.

5) Funeral Luncheon: If requested to be held at the church, the family information/phone number is given to the Funeral Meal Coordinator. The Funeral Meal Coordinator will arrange all the details based on the time of the funeral and interment, and the number expected at the luncheon. See policy for details.


The place of the funeral service is important to most families. In recognition of church utilities and upkeep a donation from non-members is suggested payable to: “Lewisberry United Methodist Church” and mailed/given to: Lewisberry United Methodist Church, 309 Market Street, Lewisberry, PA, 17339.

The Fellowship Hall may be used for a funeral luncheon. An honorarium to the Women’s Group for providing the meal and their services is suggested at a minimum of $75. There is no charge for building use. See funeral luncheon policy for particulars.

*Note: All dates must be reserved on the church calendar through the office secretary at 717- 938-2093.


*Altar Candles for use in the service are available from the church. If other candles are desired, the family will supply these candles.

*Smoking in the building or on church grounds is prohibited.

*Alcohol/drug use in the building or church grounds are prohibited.