Wedding Policy

Lewisberry United Methodist Church

Policy for Weddings

A Christian marriage and wedding service takes place in the context of worship. It is a time of mutual commitment to a life together guided by the Lordship of Jesus Christ and supported together by the fellowship of the Church. “We affirm the sanctity of the marriage covenant which is expressed in love, mutual support, personal commitment, and shared fidelity between a man and a woman. We believe God’s blessing rests upon such a wedding.” (¶ 161 C, 2004 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church)


Christian marriage is a covenant celebration and a commitment not to be entered into lightly, nor without appropriate preparation. “Due counsel [premarital counseling] is required and the decision to perform the ceremony shall be the right and responsibility of the appointed pastor.” (¶ 340 1a, 2008 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church) The appointed pastor of Lewisberry United Methodist Church is to officiate the wedding service. No other pastor may officiate a wedding service in our church building. An ordained clergy who has a special relationship to the couple may be invited to participate in the service by the pastor of Lewisberry Church.

The pastor requires initial contact with those seeking to be married, at which time he/she hears and offers expectations, shares the Church’s understanding of marriage, outlines a schedule, and makes a determination as to whether the process will continue. A six month notification is desired but not required as long as pre-marital counseling needs can be met.


All fees/honoraria are required in full at the time of the rehearsal, except as otherwise indicated. Payment of fees/honoraria is to be made directly to respective individuals and given to the pastor for distribution.

1) Organist: Lewisberry’s organist shall play for all weddings. Exceptions must be approved by the organist and/or pastor. For a twenty-five minute recital prior to the wedding service and the service itself, without the use of a soloist, there is a $75 fee. For the same as above with a soloist requiring rehearsal time, the fee is $100. The couple is responsible for the fees of the soloist and other persons not on the staff of Lewisberry Church. Music must be appropriate to a Christian context and approved by the pastor.

2) Pastor: For members of the congregation, a fee is not assessed. An honorarium, however, is appropriate in recognition of the time for counseling, rehearsal, message preparation, and wedding. For non-members, a minimum honorarium of $150 is established. If travel beyond the church is required for rehearsal or the service, a mileage stipend at current IRS mileage rates is required.

3) Custodian: For members, there is no fee required for cleaning and preparing the church for the wedding and cleanup afterward. However a gift is suggested. For non-members, there is a $50 fee for the church and sanctuary use and a $50 fee for the fellowship hall and kitchen.

5) Sound Technician: For members, there is no fee required. However, a

gift is suggested. For non-members, there is a $50 fee that includes rehearsal and the wedding day.


The place of the ceremony is central to a wedding. In recognition of this and for utilities and upkeep the following fees/donations are established. Building use fees are due one month prior to the wedding date unless otherwise indicated below and are to be made payable to: “Lewisberry United Methodist Church” and mailed/given to: Lewisberry United Methodist Church, 309 Market Street, Lewisberry, PA, 17339.

Non-Refundable Reservation Fee: For members and constituents, there is no deposit required to reserve the sanctuary and other rooms needed.

For non-members, there is a non-refundable fee of $50 due at the time of reservation.

Refundable Security Deposit: For both members and non-members, there is a separate refundable security deposit of $150. After the wedding, if no damage is incurred and things are left in order, the fee will be fully refunded.

Sanctuary: For members and constituents of Lewisberry Church, there is no fee but a donation is encouraged. For non-members, there is a fee of $150.

Fellowship Hall: The Fellowship Hall is available for wedding receptions. For members and constituents of Lewisberry Church, there is no fee but a donation is encouraged. For non-members, there is a fee of $50. For the fully expanded Fellowship Hall without partitions, there is an additional fee of $50 for non-members. Couples desiring a reception at the Church should contact the church office at 938-2093 for reservations.

Kitchen Use: For members and constituents of Lewisberry Church, there is no fee but a donation is encouraged. For non-members, the fee for use of the kitchen is $25. If the stove and /or dishwasher are required an additional $25 will be charged. A trustee must be present during the use of the kitchen facilities.

*Note: All dates and rooms must be cleared and reserved on the

church calendar through the office secretary at 717- 938-2093.


* Marriage License must be presented at rehearsal. The wedding ceremony, under

no circumstances, will occur without valid license.

*Worship bulletins/folders are the responsibility of the couple. The pastor must approve the original before copies are printed.

*Music, decorations, and conduct are to be appropriate for a Christian celebration and are to be approved by the pastor.

*Altar Candles for use in the service are available from the church. If a “Candle Ceremony” is included in the service, the couple will supply these candles.

* Photo Policy – Photographs may be taken by a specific person(s) during the wedding service, but only from the rear of the sanctuary and without the use of flash or additional lighting. This policy must be communicated to photographer and to guests. No inappropriate movement by the photographer during the service is allowed. However, flash photographs may be taken during the processional and recessional.

No photographs may be taken within the chancel during the wedding service. Segments of the service may be restaged for photography after the service. Couples are encouraged to schedule photography sessions prior to the wedding service.

*Videotaping of the service is permitted with the approval of the pastor. The general rules for photography apply. No taping is permitted within the chancel area during the service, and only normal, sanctuary lighting may be used.

*Rice, Birdseed, and Balloon releases are prohibited.

*Smoking in the building or on church grounds is prohibited.

*Alcohol/drug use in the building or church grounds are prohibited. Any evidence of

alcohol/drug usage by any member of the wedding party will delay and/or jeopardize

the ceremony. Pennsylvania law prohibits the marriage of persons who are under the

influence of alcohol or other controlled substance.

Updated 2/25/2016